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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

Honestly it depends on the fic. But in most cases, I like post apocalyptic settings, and the idea of wars even after everything has been destroyed is nice material to build off of. Yeah, I like movies like Terminator 2 and games like Fallout that really build off of that. Modern settings... just seem too normal, that's the only thing. Plus, if everything is fine and everything is good, there's very little reason for the characters to be in any sense of danger.

In Trial of Juno I and II, this was a definite. Kivistal is pretty much a wreck throughout both parts of the series, and I wanted to create the feel of sheer, pure injustice, which personally I feel is the story's strongpoint in making the reader feel frustrated that all the good guys are living in fear and poverty, while everyone that's evil is living in luxury.

The Black River Crossing: Path of Jordan slightly touches this, but the context is much different. We're not dealing with a Pikachu that has incredible powers, charisma, or military skill, he's just one citzen lost in a polluted and condemned urban world with virtually no one to turn to. His parents have been captured, and his younger siblings have only him to turn to, and he's stuck with deciding on what path to take. It's quite different when it comes to the thick of it.

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