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Default Re: Review Please! - Also an idea in the first post!

Originally Posted by TheStoneRegisteel View Post
Cool, i'm creating the first Review topic in the history of this thread. Maybe we should sticky a Review main area, and there all the review areas could be linked, if someone's searching for a certain review area for a fic.

I would like to get my Eternity Bound reviwed please. It's a Pokemon Fan-fic about Shadow Pokemon.
Mmm. I read through it a little quickly, but I caught a few things you might want to fix:

1. Double space after each person/Pokémon's/whatever's phrase when they are talking.
2. That intro about the Shadow Pokémon situation thing seemed kinda terse. I wish there was more to it. =|

I'll say more stuff when there's more chapters.
Originally Posted by Ridley View Post
I suffer from some desease where I just don't feel like catching a pokemon unless it's rare, which ends in me never catching com mons.

I finished Gold with a pokedex of 6.

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Haagen-Daz is an ice cream company, dumbass.

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