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Exclamation >>>Authorís Corner: Rules to Read!

Here at the Author’s Corner, writers may come together and help one another.

This board is not for posting full stories. Post your Fanfiction here.
Fanfiction Rules can be found here. Please read them.

Feel free to start a topic on anyone of the following:

Do you need help writing? Improving? Having trouble with grammar or creating paragraphs? Want to know the difference between 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd person? Go ahead and ask. No question is stupid.

If you have an idea that might make for an interesting story, or want to share your premise to hook others to read it, please post it here to see if it other authors like the idea. They may even make suggestions or give ideas to help you start writing.

If you would like a review of your Fanfic, but don’t want it cluttering your thread, feel free to start a topic in this board. Any reviews done in this board should be longer than a couple sentences.
Please, if you do start a thread asking for reviews, don’t complain about not receiving any. Someone will review it eventually. Have a little patience.

[PE2K Beta Company]
Want someone to Beta Read your Fanfic before you post new Chapters? Stop by our Beta Company for assistance.

[Writer’s Block]
Have you run into a brick wall? Can’t think about where to go with your plot? Ask for some help, I’m sure other authors can come up with a good idea for you.

This is a new board, so these rules may be updated/changed at anytime. Suggestions are welcome.

There will be no flaming other people’s stories, ideas, help, etc. This is to be a friendly and open discussion about writing.

**Please provide a LINK to your story so we don't have to search for it in the other board. Thanks!**
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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