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Default Re: can you get mew in fire red?

Originally Posted by spectorkiller View Post
Everybody say you can only get it by cheating or trading lmao
I found these 2 things on some other forums

1)Mew & Other Rare Pokemon:
What to learn how to get Mew and other rare pokemon? Well you've came to the right place! First beat the Pokemon League 12 times, then come back to the cave with Mewtwo, now Mew and more rare pokemon run wild there! It may take a while, but it'll be worth it! Happy catching!

2)EASY MEW Glich:
1: Beat the game
2: Talk to your mother
3: Go to three island
4: Surf up and down the cost a mew level 8 will come out
(note you must battle other pokemon)
Sigh... I lost my Master Ball! Is it okay if I use an Ultra Ball? Or are there any better balls?