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Default Re: My R/S Team (for NetBattle, anyway)

MLM, please include EVs. Or else, load your team and go to File > Export to Text and copy/paste it here.

Originally Posted by Johto Island Girl
Persian/Kitty(M)@Lum Berry
Ability: Limber
Nature: Jolly
-Aerial Ace
-Shadow Ball
My old favorite. Start off for Screech, then Aerial Ace for fighters, Shadow Ball for Ghosts/Rocks, or Return for everything else. Lum Berry to heal everything, and I love the new ability that stops paralysis cold.

Screech? It can't last that long. Attach Leftovers and something over screech

Ability: Cute Charm
Nature: Impish
-Shadow Ball
-Heal Bell
Another refuse-to-give-up favorite. Start off with Charm, then attack with Return or Shadow Ball depending on the opponent. Heal Bell's for...well, healing.

Okay ^^

Ninetales/Tailsy(F)@Shell Bell
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Modest
-Heat Wave
-Confuse Ray
The same old Ninetales that I used in G/S/C but with a slight modification (Will-O-Wisp over Body Slam).

Big time annoyer ^^ I would attach Leftovers, but it's your choice

Raichu/Statica(F)@Focus Band
Ability: Static
Nature: Lax
-Brick Break
-Thunder Wave
In case Static doesn't work, I'd use Thunder Wave. Charm to lower attack (especially Grounds, then use Brick Break afterwards), then use Thunderbolt.

Substitute over charm/wave. Attach leftovers

Seviper/Blackberry(M)@White Herb
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Hasty
-Sludge Bomb
-HP Grass
He hazes and takes care of his weaknesses (except Steel, unfortunetly). Crunch for Psychic, HP Grass for grounds, and Sludge Bomb for everything else but Steel.

Why White Herb? Attach Lum Berry/Shell Bell/Leftovers. Flamethrower over HP Grass with something over crunch?

Swampert/Chippy(M)@Quick Claw
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Gentle
-Ice Beam
I love this guy. Immune the the usual water weakness (electric), Ice Beam for possible grasses and flyers, and Earthquake and Surf for STAB and everything else.

[b]Curse and Rock tomb for the first two slots. Something over roar is optional

Any comments/changes would be appreciated!
It's a good idea to post a Netbattle team at a Netbattle forum, people there provides quality rating. Good luck ^^
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