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Default Re: Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen Released!

The price wars were strong this weekend.

Target, et al $29.95 -ish
Best Buy $25.95
WalMart (no ad in the paper, but this is what they were) $23.95

Kid's R Us had a "special" that included a game case that cost's $10, but they were still over Best Buy's price, so really you bought the case for like 1/2 off and the game at Best Buy's price.

My Target had the small-format prima guides (the like 5" x 7" ones) for $1.00

They are marked 9.99, but they rang up for $1, so we got a couple (and they ARE really lightweight and imcomplete). By the evening, they were ringing up the right price.

Also, I think the limited information in the Prima Guides prolly has to do (some) with there being more info in the in game pokedex and help systems.
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