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Default Re: A Scare To Remember.

I've been using YouTube since summer. In summer, they had that episode along with nearly all the other episodes. But, they don't anymore. They have taken ff virtually every single episode of Pokemon due to Copyright laws.

The only episodes that remain untouched by the YouTube guard are the Diamond and Pearl episodes (all of which I've already seen). There are a good 14 or 15 of'em up I think. I can't really remember how many there are.

But since it's not the D/P episodes you're looking for then, I wouldn't go to YouTube. You'll just get fustrated.

And actually, now that I think about it, I have a friend on another website. He has every single episode of Pokemon and uploads them onto his sight at request. Would you like me to ask him for your episode? It might take up to week or so to get it since he isn't too active anymore and since it takes him a while to upload the entire episode onto his sight. But I can still ask him if you want.
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