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Default Pokemon:Trio of Ultimate Pokemon and Hestogala Island Please Join

There is an island home to the three ultimate pokemon. Goysitory, Aruseus, and Hutirius. They live on Hestogala(hes to ga la), the ultimate island of ultimate pokemon. It is in the middle of all the regions and Aruseus, Goysitury, and Hutirius divided them.

Goysitury destroyed Aruseus but Hutirius attacked him. Then the spirit of Aruseus came back and merged the three into Artirty.(Ar teer tee)

It had the powers of all three and it destroyed all the other regions out of rage. Then the pokemon of Hestogala wanted to leave, but were forced to stay.

The pokemon thought that if they defeated Artirty they would be able to escape.

Artirty is frankly unstoppable and impossible to defeat. Only the best pokemon can defeat it and any one who has faced it has died.

Sign up sheet
What Pokemon You Are:

Here's mine:
Name: Robert
Discription: A typical Swampert but with a very old scar across his eye
Personality:He's pretty cold to mention of the battle against Artirty. His father was a friend of the three and tried to stop them, but was killed in the process.
Pokemon I Am:Swampert

No Flaming
No Bunnying.
No Godmodding.
You can't be removed by being killed.
Don't try to fix the problems, I will.
Have fun.

If you break the rules, there is a chance you will be removed.
If we laugh at you when you are removed don't retort.

There is only a slight chance that you will be removed.
If you make a big violation you will be removed.
Remember all the rules.

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