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Default Re: Pikachu over rated? Fire pokemon getting played?

Pikachu is Pokemon's mascott and the thing Nintendo tries to hype about pokemon lol obviously they're going to overrate it and make it have supernatural powers (powers that regrettably don't transfer into gameboy packs). Lol the show is Pikachu's neo nazi propaganda.

Fire pokemon get overplayed on TV because Nintendo wants them to look "cool" and because visually (keep in mind the audience is namely 8-12 year olds) fire types tend to look cooler than, oh, grass types.

That, and if Fire types weren't used on the TV show we'd all forget they exist fire is such a bad typing to have lol.
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Maybe we should kick you out then. You obviously being Jesus won't help, we treat everybody the same.
Ignoring the circumstances in which this point was raised, it cannot be denied that I do in fact have supernatural powers and am jesus (lower case "J" please I'm not an egotist but I don't need you silly little people mispelling my name).
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