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Default Re: Need a rescue team? Applications here!

Originally Posted by senshii View Post
Client: Hitoshi the Charizard

Place: Buried Relic, F98

Password: Y8??5 (M)R+(M)K3?? W...N?H
HW??? ?4SCX?C? -14H6
??X?7 8(f)4?86?? 6N5H(f)

Hey when you're facing someone who has a pass scarf, how do I kill them?
aww, i'm too low-leveled to take this mission

However, i think you should teleport you away, because if he goes in a wall, you can't hit him, unless you are a ghost, or you have a pass thru scarf too(and again, you can only hit them with tackle and maybe Night Shades)
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