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Default Re: Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen Released!

My Ruby is in the same state as my Megaman Battle Network (White): I'm at the point where I did everything I can do in my Version alone and have to trade.

But anyway, I just got FR yesterday the 9th at my local Toys R Us. I gotta say, nothing's changed. It's just got better graphics, the Wireless capability, some Pkmn were moved and the Girl. Maybe I forgot something but that's the main things. The people even say the same things. I remember the Lightyears idiot from Brock's Gym very well, for example.

The new stuff won't come until the Elite Four are beaten. The only reason I bought it was to get Eevee, the old starters and Ditto. And also because it would just be fun to replay when it actually looks better as a remake. The games ARE Remakes, not revisits. TR was defeated long ago but they still make an appearance in FR/LG.

But it's still fun to go "retro", .
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