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Default Re: Reffing FAQ

While we are on the subject of ref testing, I also wanted to suggest some kind of payment for the ref testers.

Ref testing is a lot of work, and sometimes can take as much as two hours to complete a session.

The person taking the ref test is rewarded with a reffing license if they do well, and the experience if they do not.

The ref tester puts just as much, probably even more work into ref testing than does the person taking it, and I think that deserves some kind of reward. I'm not asking for a large reward or anything of the sort, just a little something.

I know I asked you before and you said no, but I think it deserves a second look perhaps. If this should go in URPG chat feel free to let me know and I'll delete this and repost it there. I figured since this is rge Reffinf FAQ though and this is technically a question about reffing, even if it is about payment.
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