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Default My R/S Team (for NetBattle, anyway)

Persian/Kitty(M)@Lum Berry
Ability: Limber
Nature: Jolly
-Aerial Ace
-Shadow Ball
My old favorite. Start off for Screech, then Aerial Ace for fighters, Shadow Ball for Ghosts/Rocks, or Return for everything else. Lum Berry to heal everything, and I love the new ability that stops paralysis cold.
EVs: HP 0, Atk 100, Def 100, Spd 110, Sp Atk 100, Sp Def 100

Ability: Cute Charm
Nature: Impish
-Shadow Ball
-Heal Bell
Another refuse-to-give-up favorite. Start off with Charm, then attack with Return or Shadow Ball depending on the opponent. Heal Bell's for...well, healing.
EVs: HP 3, Atk 169, Def 169, Spd 169, Sp Atk 0, Sp Def 0

Ninetales/Tailsy(F)@Shell Bell
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Modest
-Heat Wave
-Confuse Ray
The same old Ninetales that I used in G/S/C but with a slight modification (Will-O-Wisp over Body Slam).
EVs: HP 0, Atk 25, Def 217, Spd 25, Sp Atk 217, Sp Def 26

Raichu/Statica(F)@Focus Band
Ability: Static
Nature: Lax
-Brick Break
-Thunder Wave
In case Static doesn't work, I'd use Thunder Wave. Charm to lower attack (especially Grounds, then use Brick Break afterwards), then use Thunderbolt.
EVs: HP 85, Atk 85, Def 85, Spd 85, Sp Atk 85, Sp Def 85

Seviper/Blackberry(M)@White Herb
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Hasty
-Sludge Bomb
-HP Grass
He hazes and takes care of his weaknesses (except Steel, unfortunetly). Crunch for Psychic, HP Grass for grounds, and Sludge Bomb for everything else but Steel.
EVs: HP 50, Atk 50, Def 120, Spd 120, Sp Atk 50, Sp Def 120

Swampert/Chippy(M)@Quick Claw
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Gentle
-Ice Beam
I love this guy. Immune the the usual water weakness (electric), Ice Beam for possible grasses and flyers, and Earthquake and Surf for STAB and everything else.
EVs: HP 9, Atk 123, Def 9, Spd 123, Sp Atk 123, Sp Def 123

Any comments/changes would be appreciated!
Sorry, but after some thinking, I decided to leave PE2K for good.

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