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Default Joy Spots In Japan!

Joy Spots In Japan!

Nintendo announced a new free service called Joy Spots, that will begin in Japan on March 25, 2004. These Joy Spots are areas located in stores that allow players with a game using the Wireless Adapter (a device to play multiplayer without the wires). to connect and download data onto the game. You can think of the Joy Spot as a physical thing, and the Wireless Adapter connects (wirelessly, of course) to it and can download data to the game. The first games to use this Joy Spot feature will be Fire Red/Leaf Green, which are the first games ever to use Nintendo’s new Wireless Adapter. “Mario Golf: Advance Tour” will be the next game that the Game Spot will support, that game will be released on April 22, 2004. It’s not known yet what exactly will be unlocked with the Joy Spots.

Not to be confused, the Wireless Adapter works fine by itself without the Joy Spots. Players can do multiplayer mode at the Joy Spots, but even without the Joy Spots, players can do multiplayer mode with just the Wireless Adapters online. The Joy Spots offer the feature to download data and unlocking features in the game.

*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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