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Default Re: Volcan's Vulcanic Files

Volcan was really in need of sleep so he asked me to post this for him.

#15 [AIM]

Infested88 vs LegendSlayer

3 v 3
No Items
Normal terrain

Infested uses Jynx and Exeggutor.
LS uses Lapras, Electabuzz, and Metagross.

Jynx put Lapras to sleep and CM'd twice. She took down the water beast with a Dream Eater and a Psychic. LS sends in Electabuzz, trying to take down Jynx with Fire Punch, but Jynx used Blizzard in KO'd in one shot. Then Jynx used Perish Song for the sure win and switched out to Exeggutor before she fell.

Infested $1,000
LS $500
Me(Volcan) $1,500


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