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Default The Symphonia of Itichos

In the year of 1000 b.c a great war was shattering Greece into pieces, but when all the city-states nearly had destroyed each other, the Gods created a new law, "The Symphonia of Itichos", where it stand that if any City attacked another City, that City would be punished by the gods.

In the Year of 844 b.c in the Olympic games, no contestes had come from Sparta or from one of Spartas allies, so when the games was just about to start a huge army of soldiers from Sparta and its allies attacked the Olympic Games and killed all the peoples that was there.
All the Citys in Greece where angered at Sparta now, so they waited for the gods to punish them, but the gods didnt do anything and Sparta had already conquered Peleponessos, and was marching towards Corinth.

Note: The Centaurs & the Amazons is Neutral at the begining, they will choose side later in this rp, if anybody joins =P


Race [Centaur, Amazon or Human]:
Side [Sparta, the Side againt Sparta or Neutral]:
Which city u live in:
Horse [No/Yes]:

I hope u understand what i mean (",)

Credit goes to Pidgeot79

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