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Default ~Pokemon Academy~

This is a fic that I worked on while the PE2K Forums were down. I really like this fic and any constructive criticism would be appreciated.


In the peaceful town of Littleroot, Andrew looked out the window from his bedroom. It was a beautiful Monday morning, 9:00 AM to be exact. Andrew got on his jeans and his black long sleeved shirt he then grabbed his PokeGear and strapped it around his neck. Finally he put his Pokemon Trainer gloves on that he had bought from a store for new Pokemon Trainers. He wasn’t exactly a Trainer, not yet anyways. Today was his first day attending the Pokemon Academy. He was so glad he was accepted into the Academy. After all it is an extremely good school for kids to learn how to train and battle Pokemon, and not just that. You also learn about certain type weaknesses Pokemon have and even a bit of Pokemon history!

Andrew hurried out of his room and bolted down the stairs, his blonde hair rushing behind him. When he reached the bottom of the steps he entered the kitchen for some breakfast. His Mom and Dad’s face both lit up when they saw him enter.

“My little boy is becoming a Pokemon Trainer today!” His mother said overjoyed.

“I won’t be a Trainer until I pass one year of the Academy!” Andrew replied a bit embarrassed.

“You will be a great Pokemon Trainer son!” His father told him for the one hundredth time.

“What Pokemon will you be getting?” His mother wondered walking over to the refrigerator, getting out the orange juice and pouring Andrew a cup of it.

“Well, in the broacher you will have no idea what Pokemon you will be getting. It’s completely random.” Andrew replied to the best of his ability.

“Honey! You’d better get a move on. It’s already 9:30! You don’t want to be late for your first day!” His mother said looking at the clock.

“You are right Mom, Il visit you guys in the weekend, bye!” Andrew quickly replied heading out the front door as fast as possible.

He flung out the door and on to the side walk in a matter of seconds. He started to think about the Academy and what Pokemon he would get. I wonder who will be in my dorm room with me. I hope it’s someone I know, he thought crossing the street. He looked straight ahead and there it was the Academy! Suddenly he remembered something he hadn’t thought about for awhile, his brother was an Academy Teacher. He taught how to use Psychic Pokemon effectively in battle. So if I receive a Psychic type Pokemon my brother will be my teacher, cool!

He watched as all the kids piled into the court yard through the gates. There were three booths which he assumed was where you went to sign up and get your first Pokemon. He went to the one on the right and In no time at all it was his turn.

“Your name please?” The man asked.

“Andrew Patrick.” He replied quickly wanted to receive his first Pokemon.

“Okay your on the list here is your Pokemon.” The man said reaching into the bag full of Pokeballs. Finally he pulled out a ball and gave Andrew a key to his room.

“Your room is 106.” He said. “You currently do not have a dorm room partner but we will inform you when they arrive.”

“Thank you!” He said rushing off to his room to see what Pokemon he received.

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