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Default Graphic Arts Tutorials

This was made using PS7. Whether it is translatable to GIMP or PSP is beyond me. Try though! :D

I've decided to make a second tutorial! This is much better than the last, mind you. ;D

In the last tutorial, which is in the collective thread of tuts, I focused on mainly duplicating the image and doing it that way. Well, not as much this time around. I focus more on color now (As in RIGHT now).

Now then, I shall quote from my last tut:

1. This is just how I do things.
My sigs are usually based around one color, two at most. They're often bright or grungy, too. There are more than one way to making sigs. So if you don't wanna add grunge or sparklies, don't. Or you want it smaller/bigger. It's YOUR sig.
2. I'm not Miss Perfect.
I mess up ALOT. And I'm not a pro at making graphics. There are many more graphic artists on this forum who are better than me, as you all may know.
3. Have fun. D:
Don't make a sig if it feels like a chore!! And don't go crazy if something goes wrong. Keeping this in mind keeps you sane. Like me. :D [/lie]

Also, another thing. You may follow this tut and get something a good bit different from mine ie it won't be as girly or bright, depending on your selected settings. It might actually be dark and mysterious looking! :o

Last thing: This tutorial is VERY blunt. I do not provide many details. This is and isn't good for beginners--I give simple tips and some of these steps may seem confusing, so take your bet. You can call this a collection of frame-by-frame collections of progress and tips. ;3

__T I P S__

[x]Label your layers.
[x]View > Show > Slices OFF
[x]Listen to good music. ;3

I've decided to include the graphics on the page! Yay~


Step One
  • Get your image and crop it to a fitting size. I used 500 x 150, like always. I chose this image for my sig and positioned it so she wasn't in the middle, but on the side.
  • Tip: Hold "Shift" when resizing for it to be proportional and not stretched.
  • Here's a look:

Step Two
  • Duplicate your image and set it to Soft Light 100%. Then duplicate the base again and set it to Screen at w/e setting you find comfortable. AND, if you feel that the base image is slightly blurry, Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen.
  • Order should be Soft Light > Screen > Base.
  • So far. Kinda UGUU:

Step Three
  • Unless you want to keep these bright warm colors, over all of the layers go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Color. "TRIAL & ERROR". XD
  • Tip: Since this is just an adjustment layer you can lower the opacity later or even delete it. ;3
  • My my my:

Step Four
  • Now then, I would VERY recommend making a duplicate of your image. We're going to be flattening it next, so it's nice to have a "safe copy".
  • Layers > Flatten Image.
  • Meh:

Step Five
  • Now make a new layer. Do a cute light gradient over it. Doesn't have to be cute, duh, but light colors work best, mind you. Then set it to screen.
  • Don't worry if it looks too light. If it does look too light, just go to Image > Adjustments > Curves and fix it there.
  • Pretty nice:

Step Six
  • Time for some texture. I took a floral pattern found on Google and made it a new layer. Used a mask to make it look as if it were blending, since it was small.
  • I think I set the settings on Soft Light and lowered the opacity some. I love Soft Light. :D
  • Flowers yo-ho!:

Step Seven
  • I wanna put some texture on the right side of the sig, so I used a newsprint brush (black) and put the layer on soft light. I erased where it deemed necessary and lowered the opacity. :3
  • I like newsprint, too. XD
  • Some slight balance:

Step Eight
  • Make a new layer and used clouds w/ b&w. Put the layer on Soft Light.
  • Redo the Clouds effect as many times as you need to to get the right texture. ;)
  • It doesn't look different, but is:

Step Nine
  • Make a new layer and make "vertical stripes" using the selection tool and filling them in. Set to a setting you like and so on. ;3
  • Tip: Use different colors.
  • Nyo:

Step Ten
  • Aside from adding that cute flower brush, meant for icons lol, I added another layer of clouds and set it to Soft Light and lowered the opacity some.
  • Tip: Don't use just Soft Light, explore!
  • So far:

Step Eleven
  • Soft Lighted a rose over the girl at 45%. :3
  • Learn to love patterns and textures. = w=
  • Lookin' good:

Step Twelve
  • Took a pic of a field of sunflowers at soft light and masked it. Made the left side a tad bit darker.
  • I really like floral patterns for some reason...
  • Almost there:

Step Thirteen
  • Added some more flower brushes and small text to the right side. Linear Burned at about 45%. ;3
  • Note: Later on before saving I lowered the opacity of the text. If you compare Step 15 and my sig you'll see. Oh yes, put everything on a different layer!
  • Clo-ser:

Step Fourteen
  • Around the middle of a new layer I did a gradient (diamond) red thing around her wrist and Overlayed it.
  • Tip: You don't have to do red. You can do yellow and so on, but expect a different effect.
  • Yum:

Step Fifteen
  • Added cute brushes and my BRAND NEW name. TA DA!!!1 :O
  • Tip: Be creative. Add a cute border. :D
  • Finale:

I really hope this helped some of you, even just a little. I'd love to see some examples of ANYTHING made using this or my other tut. *O*

I'll post links to brushes and patterns/textures in PS Inc. Adieu!

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