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Talking Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Originally Posted by massi4h View Post
It will only learn reversal. Blast burn is a special XD move. Ember and Flame Wheel are level up moves which only get passed down if both parents know the move. But since you're breeding with Ditto all that can be passed down (if the other pokemon is a male) are TMs/Hms and Egg moves. Since reversal is one of it's egg moves if your Typhlosion is a male it will pass it down to the cyndaquil.

No that's real easy to get. Charmander can learn those moves my TM/tutor. Plus having both those moves on the same set is crap unless it's gonna be a bellyzard.

And mew-vs-mewtwo learn how to spell.
i know i wos in a hurry i am now too if you can go thouht it and correct the spelling please do it

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