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Default Nya!!

=^^= Nya nya!

Well I have decided to make a new art topic. My old one died and I'm just WAY too lazy to bring it back to life. I have a few new drawings that I'd love to show you and I'm sure I am going to get more that I want to put up.

So yeah. Rules.


1. Please don't ask for requests because I will NOT do any
2. Don't steal any of my drawings m-kay? I worked hard on all of them and I would be very upset to see them being stolen (not to mention furious)
3. Don't steal my ideas
4. Critisism is wanted but dont make one liner n00b posts please

Okay so there are my rules. Now for the art

Pikachu Holding Ballons [1-10-07] This was a request from another forum site by the admin. He and I are very good friends so I couldn't say no. His request, a cute Pikachu holding balloons. Plain and simple.
Neo and the Ban Hammer [1-10-07] XD OMG I'm sorry but when I saw Neo's signature......I had to draw this! Infact, I think this is what will happen if Neo is given like.........40 caffinated cups of coffee and the ban hammer. XD

Non Pokemon
Stone-Kun [1-10-07] Please don't ask me what this is or what inspired it because I seriously have no clue. It's just one of those drawings that I randomly do that start out as boxes and circles and somehow form into things like this.
Relttar [1-10-07] This idea is actually fairly old. It was originally drawn back in 05' (pretty badly if I might add). I found the first drawing yesterday and re-drew it into this. I am pretty pleased with the final result. Oh, and if you didn't already guess, Relttar is Rattler spelled backwards. :P I'm just so original aint I? lol
Self Porrtrait [1-10-07] You wanna see what I can realy do? Cick on this link and look. Now, I made that weeks ago and it was entered into the Scholastic Art Competition. I was the only one at my school to be accepted. Anyways, that's what I look like and that is what I can REALLY do.
Aparently this is some kinda Saber Toothed Goat Cat Buffalo thing [1-11-07] In on word........awkward. The reason for the title is because i showed this picture to three different people. The first one said it looked like a cross between a saber toothed tiger and a goat. The second said it looked like some kind of cat. And the third said it looked like a buffalo. XD God how I love people and their interesting assumptions as to what it is I draw. And no, I have no clue what this is. Once again this thing came from literally nowhere. I wasn't even thinking when I drew it.

Ideas Being Worked On Now
-Well I am currently trying to draw a creature that has circular saws (yes.......saws) for hands. I am still trying to figure out how to draw that and when I do, I'll be sure to show all my buds here at PE2K.
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