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Default Re: The Dark Council

Originally Posted by SiberianTiger View Post
Think I'll join this, I've read just about every star wars book out there.

Name: Tulak Hord

Species: Sith [yes there is an actual species]

Class Sithlord

Light Saber color: Cyan

Space Ship: Standered Sith fighter [forget the name]

Boba Fett is dead. If you actually read stuff from George Lucas himself you'll find that while he allows others to write and stuff within the universe he created none of it has any baering on the actual happinings in that universe. So yes he is dead though it was originally thought that his helmet once again saved his life. This was however not the case.

I can't believe he looks in the mirror and tells himself good night. Sad and creepy at the same time.

Nope, he's alive. The Kyle Katarn series is canon within George's universe, and Boba Fett appears in Jedi Academy.
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