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Default Something else for Judges to Calculate.

Ok, I thought something seemed wrong about the ending forumula (primary round + secondary round points). So I looked, and found this:

These messages are shown when a jam effect is applied to an appealer.
Appeal -0 (avoid being startled): "X managed to avoid seeing it."
Appeal -0 (avoid being startled once): "X managed to avert its gaze."
Appeal -10: "X looked down out of distraction."
Appeal -20: "X turned back out of distraction."
Appeal -30: "X couldn't help uttering a cry."
Appeal -40: "X couldn't help leaping up."
Appeal <-40: "X tripped over out of distraction."
I looked further and found out that all moves have appeal points and jam points, in addition to hearts and stars. Hearts and stars only deal with which position the Pokemon performs its appeal. The actual appeal points are determined by which move is used.

So, Pound gives 4 Hearts to the User, and 40 appeal points. Poison Sting gives 2 Heart to the User and 20 appeal points, and -3 to the opponent and -30 appeal points.

I'll be editing the Moves List and Judging threads with the new info I'm finding. Give a couple/few days to complete.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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