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Arrow Reffing FAQ

Credits to Alaskapigeon/

Feel free to use this thread to ask reffing questions. Tricky ones will be added here.

Q: How long is Encore's duration and how does the counting of turns work?
A: Encore lasts exactly 3 turns. If it is used on the target before it moves, the turn counts as 1 turn of Encore. If it is used on the target after it moves, that turn does not count as 1 of the 3 turns.

Q: How do I count Light Screen/Reflect/Trick Room/Gravity/etc. ?
A: Basically, for any move that has the description "For 5 turns...", you start counting from LS-1 the turn it was used, even if the move was used before its opponent's move. Light Screen will then end on turn 5, which also means you don't post LS-5. You post Light Screen ends.

Q: How long is Taunt's duration exactly?
A: Same as Encore, 3 turns.

Q: Does the Encore count increase while sleeping?
A: Yes, the Encore count still increases while a Pokemon stays asleep.

Q: Does confusion count increase while sleeping?
A: Yes.

Q: On top of the BP change in weather, does Weather Ball receive a x1.5 boost from Sun or Rain?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: What order are confusion, paralysis, and attraction rolled in?
A: They are rolled in the order: Confusion, Attraction, Paralysis. (CAP) For more information see

Q: Does Swagger's Attack raise go through Safeguard?
A: Yes, Swagger will still raise attack through Safeguard.

Q: If a Pokemon A uses Move A and Pokemon B uses Move B, then next turn Pokemon A uses Torment and Pokemon B uses Move B, will Move B work?
A: Yes. However, next turn, Pokemon B may not choose to use Move B.

Q: Does Speed Boost activate when a Pokemon with Speed Boost is switched in using U-turn, Baton Pass, or normal switching?
A: No, Speed Boost does not activate.

Q: In BW rules, if you send your move first and use U-turn or Baton Pass, can you wait until after your opponent has sent their move to select a recipient for the attack?
A: Yes, you send your Pokemon when the move is executed.

Q: In the situation:
Person A sends Pokemon first.
Person B sends Pokemon.
Person B sends move.
Person A sends move. (Explosion)
Both die.
Who would send the first mon?
A: Person A would send their mon, then Person B would send a mon and a move, then Person A would send a move. This is the same even if Person B was the one who sent Explosion.

Q: In what order do End-of-Turn Effects (such as Leech Seed and Leftovers) take place?

Q: Does Leech Seed heal 12.5%?
A: No, Leech Seed heals by however much HP was sapped from the opposing Pokemon

Q: If a Pokemon KOs the opposing Pokemon with U-turn, who sends their new Pokemon first?
A: The U-turn-er sends their Pokemon first

Q: If you switch in a Pokemon with Trace against a Pokemon with Intimidate, will the Trace Pokemon copy Intimidate and then activate Intimidate's effect against the opponent?
A: Yes.

Q: Does Substitute prevent the user's Red Card from activating?
A: Yes.

Q: Does Toxic Orb or Flame Orb activate on a switch? What about when replacing a KO'd Pokemon?
A: Yes, it activates on the switch, but since burn damage and poison damage occur before the activation of one of those items in the End of Turn Effects, the Pokemon would not be damaged by burn or poison until the end of the next turn. If a Pokemon is merely replacing a Pokemon that was just KOd, the Orb would not activate, since the End of Turn Effects already occurred. View End of Turn Effects in this post for more detailed information.

Q: How does Life Orb + Seismic Toss or Endeavor or other moves that do a set amount of damage work?
A: Life Orb will deal recoil to the user, but not boost any damage done by those moves.

Q: Does a Pokemon under the effects of Leech Seed lose health when it just KO'd a Pokemon?
A: Leech Seed will only sap if there is something on the other side to give the sapped health to. So if a Leech Seeded Pokemon KO'd a Pokemon, it will not lose health at the end of the turn. However, the Leech Seed still remains on the Pokemon and saps the Pokemon at the end of every turn there is a Pokemon on the other side. This also means in FFAs, since a Pokemon has no teammates, KO-ing the sapper will effectively prevent the Pokemon from being sapped.

Q: Can Future Sight and Doom Desire be in queue at the same time?
A: No.

Q: Can two Wish be in queue at the same time?
A: No.

Q: Can a Pokemon have a status effect while it is drowsy from the effects of Yawn?
A: Yes, and it will thus prevent the drowsiness from putting the Pokemon to sleep.

Q: If a Pokemon is drowsy and is holding Lum Berry, will using a status effect cause it to consume the Lum Berry and then fall asleep from the drowsiness at the end of the turn?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there any message that announces a Pokemon's Regenerator ability healed it?
A: No.

Q: If the bearer of Rough Skin is attacked while it has a Substitute, is it possible for the attacker to take damage from Rough Skin?
A: No.

Q: What happens if a Pokemon uses Super Fang on a Pokemon with Substitute?
A: The amount of damage Super Fang does will be based on the Pokemon's HP remaining, while the damage is dealt to the Substitute. So if a Tyranitar has 303 HP remaining and it has a 101 HP Substitute, the Substitute will take 151 HP damage (and be destroyed).

Q: Does a Pokemon become Confused if its Outrage or similar move is not successful?
A: If a Pokemon's Outrage is unsuccessful, the Outrage ends. If a Pokemon's Outrage is unsuccessful, and the Pokemon was not going to end its Outrage that turn, then the Pokemon does not become Confused. In other words, if a Pokemon is supposed to have a 3 turn Outrage, and it is unsuccessful on the 2nd turn, the Outrage ends and the Pokemon is not Confused. If a Pokemon is supposed to have a 3 turn Outrage, and it is unsuccessful on the 3rd turn, the Outrage ends and the Pokemon is Confused. If a Pokemon is supposed to have a 2 turn Outrage, and it is unsuccessful on the 2nd turn, the Outrage ends and the Pokemon is Confused. If a Pokemon's Outrage is unsuccessful on the 1st turn (regardless if it was supposed to last 2 or 3 turns), the Outrage effect obviously does not occur at all, although by similar logic you could say the Outrage ends and the Pokemon is not confused. Also, remember, a Pokemon cannot become Confused it is already Confused.

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