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Default Re: The Dark Council

Originally Posted by rust View Post
Fett's alive, n00bs. I read the first book of Bounty Hunter Wars and it said so :P

Also, if you like Fett, YOU MUST CHECK OUT Star Wars: Legacy: Bloodlines by Karen Traviss. That book is so damn awesome because of Fett, but you defiantly should read Betrayl first though :P
I didn't read Betrayl; I have read Bloodlines. I just saw Fett on the cover, picked it up, hugged it, and giggled like a little school girl.

I love how he seems to have more emotions in the book; I just wanna hug him! ^_^
Speaking of hugging, I had a wierd dream the other night that consisted me glomping Dengar from behind. I love the look on his face. I'm so weird...

Thrawn... *looks on Wikipedia*

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