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Talking Re: The Ultimate Wondermail Generator Thread a.k.a FREE JOY SEEDS

Originally Posted by tiomasta View Post
You can't get pokémons in Wonder Mails,there's just two ways of recruiting a pokémon:
1-Recruiting him on a dungeon

Actually, you have to have a wondermail with the pokemon that you're missing in your version listed as a client, then they appear in their regular dungeon for you to recruit. I'm not asking for the pokemon, I'm asking for a wondermail with them listed as clients so they'll show up in my version. So I repeat my request...could someone please make codes for the following pokemon: Porygon, Mantine, Plusle, Roselia, Feebas, Milotic. I'd sure appreciate it, thanks!
hey i'll try m8 but 1 thing
they're all version specific meaning that they may not appear in your game

i'll still try tho
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