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Default Re: Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Discussion

Originally Posted by Megumi View Post
I have yet another stupid question.

Where is Mew? I can't seem to find him/her/it.
Mew is found in the Buried Relic.

But, there are a few measures you have to take before you can even see it.

- Make sure you have bought the friend area 'Final Island' or you wont be able to recruit Mew.

- You must defeat the 3 regis which are located in the same dungeon. (Regirock- Floor 15, Regice- floor 25 and Registeel- Floor 35) You get an item from each once you defeat them. Once you have all 3 they joined to form a 'Music Box'.

- Mew can appear on any floor from 36-98. But you can only see it if you have the Music Box with you in your bag.

- Mew uses transform an aweful lot, so it will appear as another pokemon. To catch him, watch the bottom of the screen (Where the words go by) and it will say 'Mew uses Transform'.

Other than that, that's pretty much it.
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