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Default Re: GLiTCH~ Questions/Discussion

Originally Posted by acdcjimmy79 View Post
lol ohh ok (1988 right lol) Me 2 still havent grown from it its like a pet you love.

Is there such thing as getting missingino without getting your league team in ur pc messed up?
As far as I've seen, the HOF always messes up no matter what. To stop the PC from messing up, catch only the glitch actually named "Missingno." (a lot of ppl miss use his name to talk about all glitches in Pokemon, but thats wrong and needs to stop), or if you'd like to catch M' drop off one of you Pokemon so you have room in your team, than catch it, and whatever you do don't send it to your PC until it evolves into Kangaskhan. My general rule though is to not catch any of the other glitches from the Mew trick, as nobody has experimented with them proporly.
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