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Default Re: Pokemon Bio Hazard

Alright then. I'll sign up as my "trademark" character.

Name: Ash Ketchum

Gender: Male

Personality: Ash isn't what you might call shy. He is more of an outgoing, talk to anybody person. Usually, though he keeps quiet unless he feels something needs to be said. When pressured, he tends to "jump before thinking", usually getting himself into a heap of trouble. In any kind of battle, he stays calm and keeps his cool, no matter how the score is going. The way he sees it, you don't just fight for the taste of victory, you fight for the thrill of the battle as well.

Appearence: Raven black hair and brown eyes. Wears a blue sweatshirt with black sleeves and a gray hood. On the front of it, a large, gray U shape is embroidered near the bottom. Accompanying this is a pair of baggy, teal blue jeans and blue trainers with black markings. On his hands, he wears black finger gloves with light green wrist bands. A red and black hat sits atop his head, with half of a Pokeball symbol placed on the front in green.

Pokemon: Pikachu, Swellow, Sceptile, Donphan and Corphish
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