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Default Re: Pokemon: Spolier Chit-Chat

I 100% agree with you, AshMistyMayFan.

Ash should have an evolved team, it could help out his team better. I could see Ash with a Sceptile, Swellow, Torkoal, Crawdaunt and Pikachu. That team would not be MY team, but its better than his last ones. But, we all know our next question: What will Ash's final pokemon be?

It should be a pokemon from the past, like Pidgeot, Lapras or even Primeape. I was sad to see those three pokemon go, but I'd love to see Primeape come back and join Ash's team. It would be very powerful, even powerful enough to give Pikachu a tough, crucial battle. It could use Dynamicpunch, Mach Punch, even Cross Chop. But, the writers most likely forgot about Ash capturing a would be nice to see Ash meet up with Primeape again, at least.....

But, I could surely see Ash with a Bagon....