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Originally Posted by charizard_mike
Still it is ashame. They could have gave him a dark type or something instead of go with the cute thing that is useless in battle if you ask me.
Aw, what's wrong with cute in the anime? It's about the only place you can have both cute and badass at the same time anymore, Mystery Dungeon and Mew-likes aside. Also, what's this about "useless in battle"? Right now, Aipom is his second strongest Poké. Don't tell me you think Naetoru or Mukubird are better.

I am sad that it'll have to evolve, because Aipom is adorable as she is... But then again, (since this was already spoiled, I'll just say it) they did go and evolve Bonsly, when I thought the whole point was that it was a D/P Pokémon and ya know, Sudowoodo.. isn't. Well, we'll see.

Also, I kinda doubt we'll keep seeing Ash participate in contests.. Otherwise we might as well have Hikari start collecting badges too. I think it was just a convenient way to make all the rivals important characters for her first contest.

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