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Default Re: Your Game Stats

Team: Tein
Leader: Torchic
Play Time:?????
Adventures: 1236
Pokemon:torchic/tein(lv.100) treeko/sunni(lv. 95) zappil/zapdos(lv.87) frostbite/articuno(lv.97) pyro/moltres(lv.60)senia/scyther(lv.50) sycro/totodile(lv33) nercrat/meowth(lv.98) pelican/wingull(lv. 77) symbol/ myghtyena (lv.29) kylan/slugma(lv54) earth/groudon (lv90) air/rayquaza (lv70) thunder/raikou (lv.??[I forgot]) ocean/suicune(lv97) volcano/entei(lv67) invisi/mew (lv.40) Tein/Rapidash (lv.100)

sorta ametuer on the recruits
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