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Default 19- Three Years Ago With Uriel

The power box. Someone, or something, must have turned them on. The mallet was a trap. It had to be Kecleon getting revenge. A surge of electricity shot out above the roof from the backside. Uriel and a couple other workers ran back. As they approached, they saw a purple Pokemon attacking the power supply. Wires were strayed, sparks flew.

“Kecleon. You’re back. I was hoping you’d moved on and found another home. I can still help you with that...”

“Kec Kecccleon!” It swore, slamming sideways into the wall, putting a small dent in it.

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. I’m sorry your home was destroyed, I’m sorry you had to go through this, but I did too. I lost my job being a bouncer at a club. It took me a long time to pick up this new job. The wages aren’t much, but it’s enough to survive with. I understand how it feels to lose something you love, but we have to accept it and move on to a new life. It may not be as good as before, but give it time and you will be happy. I’m happy here and I can’t let you take this away from me.”

Kecleon continued to pound at the wall during the speech. Though, the speech did bring a tear to its eyes. Seeing the Pokemon continue, Uriel prepared to do his job. He walked over to the dented wall and stood between it and Kecleon. Kecleon wiped its eyes clear but shot at the bouncer with a quick slam. He took the hit and thrusted his arms down. Kecleon fell, a bit shaken.

“Use your Pokeball.” One of the workers stated.

Uriel reached into his pocket, pulling the Safari Ball out. Kecleon’s tongue lashed out and quickly grabbed it, then throwing it over the electrified fence. It shot its tongue out again, at the building’s roof, and pulled itself up. Shifting around, it leapt up and miraculously over the fence.

“Clever.” Uriel looked at the power box, wires were still sparking. He slips on rubber black gloves from his inside coat pocket, braving the electric tingles, and turned all the switches off. He looked at the fence, grabbing his keys and key accessories. On it were a pair of wire and metal shears; easy for fence dismantling. On the other side, the blue zigzag floats, Kecleon watched from invisible status.

“You think you’re going to sit there and watch me.” He grabbed the left side of his belt and removed a gun. Not just any gun, but a tranquilizer. With a second to spare, he fired but watched it go through and hit the grass behind. Kecleon turned visible, it’s head leaned to the side, laughing.

Uriel concentrated on cutting the fence. One, two, three... *CHING!* Kecleon slammed the fence, causing a cut link to slice his through the glove into his finger. He winced, but kept going. He had enough cut and quickly pulled the fence back. Kecleon stepped back and jumped at the fence, claws forward and furiously slashing. The fence bounced back and forth and little pieces of metal fell, creating a large gap, big enough for him to fit through.

“Kecleon, stop causing damage!”

One of the workers comments, “You were cutting the fence first.”

Uriel looks at them with a stern face. “Why don’t you go get help?” As the workers left, he noticed Kecleon was gone. Then from behind, he was kicked. “Uh, that’s it, it’s just you and me now.” He stood up, pulled brass knuckles from inside his coat, and put them on both his hands. He folded back his left coat arm, revealing a nice watch. He reloaded his gun with a red dart and put it back in it’s holder. On the right side of his belt, he extended his police bataan, a full foot in length. And in his other coat pocket lay a couple other surprises.

“I’ve dealt with and thrown out every man I ever had to deal with. You, Pokemon, will be no exception.”

“Kecleon!” Trans: Bring it on!

Fighting a Pokemon half his size would be difficult, especially one that can disappear. Uriel started it off with a clean jab down, but his slow punch missed the more agile Pokemon. It countered with a quick slash which he narrowly avoided by leaning back. He pushed his momentum away from the wall, turning quick with another punch... at nothing. Kecleon had camouflaged itself. Searching.... he was hit on the forehead by a lashing tongue. Uriel spins, recovering quickly, and made a grab for it. Success! He got its foot. Kecleon returned visible as it was pinned to the ground.

Bodyguard Uriel reached to his watch and pulled out a thin wire, which he proceeded to strangle Kecleon’s neck. Keclone’s arms were held and feet were pinned down. It coughed, gasping for air. Struggling, it snapped at the wire, releasing it’s strangulation. Its tongue flicked at his head again. Uriel reacted, moving his hands to his face. Kecleon took this weakness to its advantage and slid out. It jumped and kicked Uriels head into the grassy dirt, and slashed at his back a few times.

He rolled to the side. “That’s the second suit of mine you’ve ruined.” He stood, feeling the wind stinging his wounds on his back, almost like putting salt on them.

Kecleon ran. He was headed to the right side of the buidling.

“Kecleon, wait...” The Pokemon turned and stopped, only to find Uriel had the gun again. This shot did not miss. “Gotcha... huh?” In front of the purple Kecleon was a similar Kecleon, but grey all over. “That must be one of it’s moves.” The grey Kecleon faded away. By then, the real one was around the corner.

He sighed, frustrated, grabbed the Safari Ball, and moved on. As he turned the corner in pursuit, the purple Pokemon struck. But this time, Uriel had quick responses, and slammed a huge brass knuckle punch into it’s side, knocking it upward. Using his other arm, brass met Pokemon once more, this time knocking it into the ground. He stumbled back from the awkward punching position. This gave some time for Kecleon to stand back up, though weakened.

The pink tongue shot out again, wrapping around Uriel’s body, trapping it’s arms. It squeezed but it wasn’t effective against his strongly built body. Kecleon let go and reeled it’s tongue back like measuring tape. Only, once Uriel was loosened, he grabbed the tongue before it could go back. He pulled quickly over his shoulder, raising the chameleon off the ground, through the air, and crashing with the ground. Uriel moved over for a final strike, reaching into his coat, but Kecleon made a harshly screeching noise, which caused him to plug his ears.

Again, Kecleon disappeared. Uriel searched the grounds. On this side, there were boxes of equipment and decorative trees ready to be planted. Perfect places to hide behind.

He was growing tired of it hiding. “Kecleon, hiding will not solve anything.” He saw in the distance Booker and the workers, in front of the alley, watching to see what happened.

As if answering what he said, Kecleon screamed as it attacked. Uriel noticed the blue zigzag in the corner of his eye and pulled out a bottle of pepper spray. SSSPPPPTTT!!!! It shrieked but still slashed down, giving him a nice mark on the left side of his face. Uriel felt his face and toughened up.

Kecleon slowly faded back into view, crying, blinking, with the most red eyes ever. That should be enough. Uriel grabs his gun, with his last shot, aims... but Kecleon, even through the pain of looking, wraps its long tongue around the gun and takes it from him, dropping it behind its body.

This was frustrating. He needed a distraction. Nearby, was a water pipe sticking out of the ground. It was used for emergency water, which was dug underground, in case of fires. He quickly turned the knob as fast as he could. The flowing water rushed out all at once, sloshing around Kecleon, making visibility even harder. He turned off the water. Kecleon was pushed back, lying on the ground, furiously rubbing it’s eyes to be rid of both mud and pepper spray, but with not much luck.

Uriel grabbed his last resort weapon from his coat pocket. “Oh, shoot.” He flooded the area with water, now was not the time to use his tazer. But Kecleon, blindly thinking he was holding another gun, shot his tongue out and grabbed hold. Only, Uriel wouldn’t let go. “Urgg, I have no choice. I have to do it now.”

He flipped the switch. BZZZZTT! The electricity fizzled through the tongue, to Kecleon, to the muddy water, back to Uriel. As much as he tried letting go, he was too shocked to do it. Three seconds later, the juice ran out and both collapsed. (This is also how Uriel gets his speech impediment, saying ‘now’ at the end of all his phrases.)

Booker and company began rushing over to help. Surprisingly, Uriel staggered up, able to hold a standing position. He spits out some of the muddy water and slides his butt back to the ground. He’s lucky he didn’t feel the full force. He buys suits by special order with inlaid resistance to tazers, just in case anyone tried anything funny with him at the club. Though, he’d never planned to ever shock himself.

Opposite him, Kecleon managed to move, but quite slowly. The tazing had taking a lot of energy out of him and reduced his nerves to a bare minimum. It was using its arms to drag itself, hoping to get away into the safety of the forest.

This was a good opportunity to let Kecleon get away, to recuperate, and say something memorable and encouraging to it. But, Booker, his boss, was watching. He couldn’t let it get away, especially with him watching. It would shatter his trust. Uriel crawled on his knees, wading through the muddy water. He approached the badly hurt Pokemon. “I’m sorry now.”

Tears filled Kecleon’s eyes, they streamed down its face. It slashed at the muddy water, covering Uriel. Kecleon jumped on him, punching, slashing, headbutting anything it could to resist. Every hit, there was a crack, not from Uriel, but from Kecleon’s beaten body. Uriel fought back, gaining control, and knocked a clean hit against its head. Dazed, Kecleon sat disoriented, but slashing. He pushed the Pokemon back as he lay in the water, grabbed his bataan, and whacked the side.

“Eccclleoonn!” it screamed, falling forward, face first into the water. Bubbles blew in the water as it tirelessly tried to breath with half it’s mouth underwater.

Booker looked at his bodyguard, nodding. That was the signal to finish the job. In the background, red lights were seen along with a blaring siren. The ambulance had arrived for Paul, and possibly for Uriel.

Uriel nodded back to the boss. He reached into his soaked pants, grabbed the mud covered Safari Ball, and pressed the button against Kecleon. The ball opened, sucking in the Pokemon converted to red energy. The ball splashed on the mud, making a sucking sound as it wiggled back and forth...

??(-o-) Kecleon
Name the attacks Kecleon used, win a prize!

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