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Default Sevii Islands League and Game Information!

Sevii Islands League and Game Information!

The new Pokemon TCG League will be starting soon. The eight seasons will focus on the Sevii Islands. The Sevii Islands is in the new Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen games. The Trainer Tower will represent the last season, which can be found in the last island in the games. Here's the schedule:

Knot Island: 9/19/04 - 10/30/04
Boon Island: 10/31/04 - 12/18/04
Kin Island: 12/19/04 - 2/12/05
Floe Island: 2/13/05 - 3/26/05
Chrono Island: 3/27/05 - 5/7/05
Fortune Island: 5/8/05 - 6/18/05
Quest Island: 6/19/05 - 7/30/05
Trainer Tower: 7/31/05 - 9/17/05

For more information about the Pokemon TCG League, go here: Pokemon Leagues

Game Information
As mentioned already, the Sevii Islands appear in the Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen games, that will be released on September 7th, 2004. There are seven islands: Knot Island, Boon Island, Kin Island, Floe Island, Chrono Island, Fortune Island, and Quest Island. There are various things to do on these islands, and you can find wild Pokemon from Johto. Also, there are two additional islands: Navel Island and Birth Island.

Navel Island
How to get there: By using the Mystery Ticket
What's there: Capture Lugia and Ho-oh

Birth Island
How to get there: By using the Aurora Ticket
What's there: Capture Deoxys

The Mystery Ticket and the Aurora Ticket can not be found in the game. You can only receive these special items from a Nintendo promotion. This is similar to the Eon Ticket for Ruby/Sapphire, which was given out at certain Nintendo events (for example, an issue of Nintendo Power Magazine had the Eon Ticket, you had to use the e-Reader device to transfer it to your game. It was also given out at the Pokemon Center NY store).

*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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