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Default Re: Your Game Stats

All my other pokemon are in the previous pages(don't say i'm lying because i trained REAL hard and i gained more levels too from then to now.) and here are some teams of mine:

team invincible:lv.100 lv.100 lv.100 lv.100

team dragons: lv.76, lv.65, lv.68

team blazers: lv.66, lv.71, lv.53.

team power: lv.55, lv.61, lv.54

team steel: lv.64, lv.55 lv.49

team hydro: lv.67, l lv.54, lv.55.

team earth: lv.56, lv.52, lv.58

team rockoids: lv.67, lv.53, lv.50

team planters: lv.58, lv.61, lv.52

team psycos: lv.57, lv.87, lv.75

team ghosters: lv.57, lv.49, lv.57

team trio: lv.66, lv.61, lv.57

team legends #1: lv. 50 lv. 48 lv.50

PS: you can tell that i trained hard and seriously i'm being honest. I beatened ranger so i had some spare time to train my pokemon and made teams. I also have way more pokemon than this.Well if you want me to list the others, it will take me a month to put all the pictures okay. Oh yeah, i have to make another post because i can only have 40 pictures for one post.

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