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Default Re: Evolution Stone Question?

Originally Posted by Azumarill_056 View Post
Hi this may have been asked before but I want my arcanine to learn flamethrower and extremespeed. If I level my growlithe up to 49 which is when it learns flamethrower and then use a fire stone will it then learn extremespeed OR do I have to level it up to 48 use the fire stone level up one level so it learns extremespeed and then go to the slots to get the flamethrower TM so I can teach it to arcanine?
This is what I've been thinking about lately. For example, my Nidoking learned Thrash at the level of 23 after evolving. It didn't have to be Nidoking before that level.

The problem with Arcanine and Growlithe... Arcanine is better in stats, and Growlithe learns Flamethrower at Lv. 50. What's better? Flamethrower? Or a strong pokemon? You choice. you can try evolving Growlithe at Lv. 50 after it learns the move.

Also you could teach it another fire move. Example? I don't have one right now...
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