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Default Re: Best Move for pokemons

Fire: Flamethrower
Electric: Thunderbolt/Thunder(depending on weather)
Water: Surf
Grass: Giga Drain/ Solar Beam(depending on weather)
Psycic: Psycic
Dark: Crunch
Dragon: Dragon Claw
Ice: Ice Beam
Steel: Steel Wing (Meteor Mash is the best but Steel Wing is more common)
Normal: Return/Body Slam/Explosion/Double Edge(depending on situation)
Flying: Ariel Ace/Drill Peck(Aero Blast is the best but only for Lugia [and Smeargle])
Poison: Sludge Bomb
Fighting: Brick Break/Cross Chop/Focus Punch(depending on situation)
Ghost: Shadow Ball
Bug: Silver Wind/Signal Beam/Megahorn(depending on Pokemon)
Ground: Earthquake
Rock: Rock Slide/Ancient Power/Rock Blast(depending on situation)

Hope I helped!
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