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Default Team Kaze

~ Team Kaze ~

Leader: Sahkyo the Charmander; Level 30; Ember, Brick Break, Dragon Claw
Partner: Raiken the Pikachu; Level 29; Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Slam, Quick Attack

Play Time: 12:27:26
Adventures: 83
Rank: Silver
Points: 1295


Absol [Ryo], NidoranF [Chireke], Chemu [Oddish], Bzz [Magnemite], Zor [Scyther], Rico [Murkrow], Houndour [Hirash], Smeargle [Takumi], Zigzagoon [Kofi], Seedot [Chedda]

I may update every once in a while. oO I suck at the game, so even if I've played it for a long time, I haven't beaten Rayquaza yet, etc., etc.
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