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Default Re: RMT please

..go with Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Dragon Claw and Hidden Power *Fire/Water*/Crunch. He is meant to be an Elemental Sweeper. Nothing else. Attach Scope Lens CHKO

Metagross is a great Physical Sweeper. Agility, Sludge Bomb and Shadow Ball over Psychic, Light Screen and Rest. Attach Liechi Berry. Sludge Bomb can fend off the ever-annoying Ludicolo, Shadow Ball against the popular Psychic and Ghost pogeys. With the boost of Liechi Berry, it can sweep entire teams.

Huntail, with Swift Swim, can sweep. Rain Dance and Hydro Pump is a must. Ice Beam and Crunch for verstality. Attach Shell Bell/Scope Lens.

You definately need a Hazer, and Altaria is the only choice. Haze, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Rest. Attach Leftovers.

Swampert is a Tank. Give it Rest.

Blaziken is a more like a hit-and-run kinda pogey. Go with, Toxic, Rock Slide, Overheat and Focus Punch. Attach either Scope Lens, Quick Claw, Shell Bell, or the standard Leftovers.
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