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Cool Re: Need a rescue team? Applications here!

Originally Posted by geek26 View Post
new team-

Team Sulphate
Rank- Diamond (2000 away from Lucario!!)
Main Members-
Golduck Lvl 100
Blaziken Lvl 100
Metagross Lvl 100
Rayquaza Lvl 100
Tyranitar Lvl 100

NOT LYING! MY OLD ONE GOT WEIRD. I restarted and played for 4 hours nonstop to achieve this. I am still working on getting Lucario Rank and recruiting Mew. I have got all the other legends, all the starting POKEMON and nearly all 386 POKEMON you can get!
I beat that-I am now Lucario Rank, I have got tge Bonsly figure, the Weavile figure, the Mime Jr. figure and the Lucario figure!! I just need to recruit Mew!!
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