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Default Re: Contest Chat

hmm... ok...

Well, i have only a few, you might call them oblivious, but these are:

[Ability/es - Move combo(bonus that may get if ok)]

Hyper Cutter - Cut/Slash/maybe Scratch. Better Cutter, better cutting

CompoundEyes/Keen Eye - Mind Read . To read mind, they have to look, and with a better eye they look better

Cute Charm - Attract . Have the same effect in battle( Perhaps in contests with Cute Charm Attract gets an extra bonus of making nervous, like 5/10%)

Speed Boost - Quick attack/Agility. All up to speed(always become first, even if used second)

Thick Fat - Belly Drum

White Smoke - Smokescreen

Illuminate - Spark.I remember the animation in game makes the area brighter

Static/LightningRod - any electric attack

Damp - Explosion/Selfdestruct. This is inverted, if anyone use Explosion and there is a mon with damp, explosion loses 2 points.

Inner Focus - Focus Energy . stay focused

Rain Dish/Swift Swim - Rain Dance

Chlorophyll - Solarbeam . They need sunshine

can't think of more, i'm late and i have to go
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