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Default Re: Need help with evolving Golbat!

To make my Golbat evolve I:

1) Gave it only Smart Pokeblocks (Green) until it was maxed out.

2) Entered it in the Pokemon Contest's in the Smart category with the Green Scarf and won all Smart Contest's.

3) Gave it loads of Protein, Carbos etc.

4) Has it in my team ALL the time (never put in PC).

5) Gave it the Soothe Bell (switched with Green Scarf).

6) Gave it any Rare Candies that I found.

7) Used Potions, Super Potions on it.

8) Used PP UP's and HP UP's.

9) Always has it first in my team.

10) Used it LOADS in battles.

It took quite a while to evolve my Golbat into a Crobat but it was worth it, I'm not sure if the Contest's would make a difference but they might of helped make it happy.

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