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Default Re: Contest Chat

Hello everyone, you may not believe this, but your good old Buddy May is completing the final stages of her project!

3)Readymade Pokeblocks
Okay, this consists of getting readymade pokeblocks. It's an alternative to berries, and will save us a lot of hassle in on the spot caluclations, if we have it all done before-hand.

a)Cheap pokeblocks : These are going to decrease nervousness slightly/none at all. Stats raise only slightly. :P

b)Medium range pokeblocks : Stats increase quite a bit more, nervousness is decreased considerably more.

c)High Range pokeblocks : You know, stats increase a lot, nervousness is considerably reduced.

Extra : Most expensive pokeblocks. Can bring nervousness down to zero, increases your points a lot. :o

However, I'm wondering whether we should get a catch like if you're using it on wrong pokemon, etc, it increases the nervousness by a lot. :O

Depends, I'm not sure about the last one yet, I'll just take care of it in my free time.

4)Prevention of Abusing Gym Battles

Okay, here's a catch. Seeing that coordinators are getting more money than trainers, I'm going to impose a rule. No two coordinators may have a re-match for 48 hours, and suppose a person battled a gym, no re-challenging that gym again, for at least a week. That will prevent people trying to make easy and quick money. I'll try and fix all loopholes in making quick money the dishonet way, by tomorrow.

5)Stars got during contests.

I'm considering having stars only on the basis of abilities and compatibility.

Example :

Supposing Salamence takes part in a tough contest. The ability of Salamence is "Intimidate". If no other pokemon has intimidate, then it gets four star. And, if it uses Roar during a turn, it may get five stars.

In case it happens in compatible contests, like cool, or smart, you get one star less. A Salamence (Intimidate+Roar) in tough will fetch four stars in Tough/Cool.

Now, this is where I need your help, Jack. I need some volunteers, who can make a separate move and ability list, which can earn stars. If possible, I need you, Yami, Robert, Lan and if possible; Chris, to sort this stuff out. We'll select some moves, and abilities, and sort them up. I'll get the rest down later. it okay with you guys? If you can help, please note down abilities, and cool moves, which you think can be compatible with particula contests, okay? I'll start after getting the final points down, too.

Some feedback here too, Jack?

Oh, and remember, all this is just a project, just making suggestions and stuff, Jack may edit/accept/reject it later.
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