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Default Re: Contest Chat

I'm double posting so that everyone can see the main points of the project properly.

Here's some good news for you all.

The project is nearly complete and will kick off, if possible, by tomorrow evening.

Here's the main stuff I've finished.

1)Trainer+Coordinator Battles. Both trainers will have to pay 500$ to the referee :P to prevent flooding of such quick matches. The prizes have not been decided yet, and the trainer battles will go in the forum battles board. Of course, those victories will count in your URPG stats without the money. You'll get money only after the contest gets over. Winner gets 2,000$ and loser 1,500$ or something like that, hope Jack will take care of it. But the referee will get money; all the same. :P

2)Gym Battles

There's going to be coordinator gyms a few days later.

Of course, you need a minimum of four pokemon, and you can't borrow your gym pokemon. And there's not going to be TM's and stuff. However, there'll be ribbons, with which you can enter coordinator contests; which; if Jack gives me permission, I'm going to hold once every two months, or something. :P

There's going to be a gym leader contest tournament. Only the top eight will be selected for the gyms. There's going to be Two Elite Four. One of who, will most probably be Robert, or one very tough trainer, who does have free time on his/her hands. For now, I'll ask Robert, but it would be preferable that our judges are free.

The Gym Leader contest will come up, once I get Jack's permission. It's going to be URPG tournament, only battles, and when we're down to eight, there's going to be two contests, for determining the best gym-leaders. The money earned will be

Winner : 2,500$ (Challenger will get a ribbon, and if possible, a berry)

Loser : 1,500$.

Of course, to prevent quick money making by abusing battles, you may battle a gym leader only once a week. For example, if Jack's a gym leader, and you won/lost against him, then you may not challenge him for another week at least. That will prevent people who try to get easy money quickly. Remember, its your duty as a gym leader to discourage such things, and remember, if someone reports it, you'll be stripped off your gym-leader status, and you will not get another chance again. (Ask Jack if this is okay or not to give cheaters another chance)

That's about all, for now, I'm going to post a bit more later. No-one would want to read a super-huge post.
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