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Arrow Re: Need a rescue team? Applications here!

Originally Posted by Nicyboy View Post

Team PokeSquad!
Current Rank: On Bronze, just started over!
Rescue Points: To be Posted....
No. of rescues: None yet.
Accepting these ranked missions:
D and C mostly. I MIGHT do a C if it's not to hard.....
Other Info:
We aren't the fastest Rescuers around. But we'll try our hardest!
Our Members are Cyndaquil and Chikorita, since Rayquaza hasn't been beaten.
^^ strange...

Team PokeSquad

Rank: Gold
Rescue Points: 2657
No. of rescues: 89
Accepting any mission, like A-s...

My team are good, I beat all the legends up to Groudoun. MY TEAM ARE UNDER LVL50!!
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