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absolgirl93's Story archive!

Title: Doom is Upon Us (Temporary Title)
Rating: PG, mild violence...
Genre: Fantasy
Status: On Chapter 6
Summary: In the Region of Fushigi, the Region of Mystery, the evil Team Light has returned. Now, one girl and an Absol must set off on a journey to defeat this team, as her three aunts did before her. This time though, Team Light has an army to fight for them.
Reason for creating: I came up with the idea for this because I wanted to write a fan-fic. The original Idea was going to be when her aunts' defeat the team, but then I freaked out, 'cuz I wanted a fan-fic to go Itego's current plot. So I made this. ^^
Notes: I REALLY need a new title for this! >.< Itego has just been renamed Fushigi. The name Itego will be absolete by Monday night. :P

Edit: Anyone who would like to help me on a title for this, please come read the fan-fic, then suggest a title. :P

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