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Originally Posted by plasmaball3000
Actually, this is similar to how some countries interrogate people. They sit in a room asking questions, and when they don't get the answer they would like, have someone from another country (that doesn't mind doing this sort of thing) break a finger or something.

But anyway, if the point of prisin was solely punishment, they might as well just give everyone in there a life sentence. In my opinion, there should be some aspect of rehabilitation in there, so if the state kills them, that aspect is gone.
Well, it shouldn't be done by the goverment - but what Dutroux did is just...
You're right when you look at it logical, but that man is a monster. He kidnapped two little girls, and locked them up in a secret dungeon, where he sexually abused them. When he was in prison for minor offences, they starved to death. He kidnapped other girls too, he buried two alive, and the other two were saved by the police. All sexually abused.

No state should kill...absolutely true.
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