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Default Re: Death Penalty

Originally Posted by Seven
I'm against the Death Penalty too. I don't think it's right to fight violence with violence. And besides, having to live with yourself and what you ahve done in improsenment is a way better punishment I think.
Though people like Dutroux should be killed in a very horrofic way. Not by the law, but an assasin should kidnap him, improsen him, abuse him and then kill him, in the most painful way thinkable.

*hates Dutroux*
Actually, this is similar to how some countries interrogate people. They sit in a room asking questions, and when they don't get the answer they would like, have someone from another country (that doesn't mind doing this sort of thing) break a finger or something.

But anyway, if the point of prisin was solely punishment, they might as well just give everyone in there a life sentence. In my opinion, there should be some aspect of rehabilitation in there, so if the state kills them, that aspect is gone.

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