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Default Re: Contest Chat

Originally Posted by Robert The Unforgotten View Post
Ah, finally it's all ready :D Well Jack, I hope this becomes a success ^_^ I do have a question about the blending though. I've blended a few Blocks for the customers so far, and it seems like the numbers I'm getting is pretty high :s Is this just because they have a lot of Berries at once, or am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: Another question.

Since it's unlimited, can they even learn moves they don't learn naturally? >__> Such as a Charmander using Transform or Water Gun? XD
No no, it's the same as battles. All moves that they learn and any moves they've been taught. I'll change the wording around on that.
Originally Posted by ChronoPika View Post
I've got another thing wondering around my head for a bit, as well. Jack, will it be necessary to change anything in the URPG's Contest specifics, concepts, and system once Diamond and Pearl's Contests are introduced. It WILL be a major difference from what we were introduced to in R/S/E, but I believe you can bear with the fact that you're going to have to change a whole lot of crap. I can't wait to put into use my new James Bond costume I made for my Skitty, Johnny!
I'm not worring about D/P until it comes out.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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