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Default Re: Your Game Stats

Team: Rocket (Meant to be named after another pokemon I had named in another game, was totally not thinking when I input it. Well, too late now...)

Philip the Typhlosion

Playtime: 71:27:13

Rank: Gold

Adventures: 344

Partner: Tiny the Swampert

Most Often used Team:
TheSandman the Flygon (Lv. 48)
Tiny the Swampert (Lv. 51)
Philip the Typhlosion (Lv. 48)
A Kangaroo the Ampharos (Lv. 30) (In training)

Amount of Pokemon: 117

Recruited Pokemon:
Starry the Wortortle
The1 the Noctowl
The2 the Electrike
The3 the Weedle
The4 the Poliwhirl
Not a 2 the Natu
BugBite the Kakuna
AnnoyinFly the Yanma
...........................+ the Ledyba
Landolord' the Ledyba (DON'T ask)
Dragony Fly the Vibrava
Cactaur the Cacnea
Uh-oh... the Tauros
A girl the NidoranF (x3)
A boy the NidoranM
Fang the Poochyena
Snapper the Rattata
Angry Duck the Farfetch'd
Colors! the Zigzagoon
"'Killer'" the Zangoose
Creepy the Hypno
NackNack the Linoone
Kewl D00d the Oddish
Letter C the Unown
Letter E the Unown
?????????? the Unown
Ruffers the Growlithe
Matlarp the Nuzleaf
Acorn the Seedot (x2)
!!??-- the Shroomish
Scratchbit the Paras
Furby the Venonat
SnapBack the Feraligatr
OWLspaz the Hoothoot
HootTHING the Hoothoot
ClOuD the Swablu
Hiss the Gligar
Rambo the Gligar
Honey the Teddiursa
!!! the Geodude
Numbskull the Aron
A thing the Aron
Moster the Meditite
Master the Meditite
DarkTHING the Absol
Tiny Tim the Marshtomp
Millionair the Mawile (x3)
Ugly the Mr. Mime
Pink Glop the Ditto
Snail... the Omanyte
The Tree the Sudowoodo
Kill!!!!!! the Scyther
Rawr the Houndour
Rawrawr the Houndour
Beenthru the Spearow
Passaway the Chimecho
m0uSe the Minun
ImSheepish the Mareep
---------- the Minun
Delivery! the Delibird
TheSandman the Flygon
Tiny the Swampert
Philip the Typhlosion
A Kangaroo the Ampharos
(I know some of them have retarded names, but I MUST name all pokemon, and I often do so lazily. Also, some pokemon share a name if they're the same species.)

Recruited Legendaries:
IceFlier the Articuno
LightFlier the Zapdos
FireFlier the Moltres
Water Lord the Kyogre
DragonBoy the Latios
DragonGirl the Latias
Flame Lord the Ho-oh

Defeated Legendaries:
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