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Default Re: New Pokemon Emerald Screenshots - Battle Frontier!

I'm thinking since this place replaces the Battle Tower island (maybe?) then the really tall building in the back is the normal battle tower with the lvl.50 and lvl.100 7-trainer battles.

It would be awesome if one of the buildings (maybe the one in the southeast) would allow you to have rematches with gym leaders. If they had that maybe it would be that their Pokèmon are all at the same level as your highest Pokèmon's level. Just an idea.

And maybe the Pyramid could be similar to a Pokèmon League chain of battles. But I'm sure that's not it, because it probably has some kind of desert or maybe ancient Pokèmon theme. Maybe the six smaller Pyramids (that's what they look like at least) have puzzles in them, and you need to solve them in order to reach the large Pyramid that has prizes and a few strong trainers inside.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts about it.
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